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The Doomed Prince: Reading an ancient fairytale


Maiken Mosleth King

8 weeks: 11th June – 30th July 2024

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The Doomed Prince: Reading an ancient fairytale

 8 weeks: 11th June - 30th July 2024

Times: 7.30-9pm (UK Times) Tuesday evenings to join live.

We love to see you for the live lectures, but if you have to miss one, don't worry, you can of course catch up (or watch again) at your leisure via the recordings. You will have access to the recorded lectures for a whole month after the last live lecture. Recordings will be available until 30th August.

When you think fairytales you might first imagine stories from the 19th century collected by the brothers Grimm, but this text, dating to  the 18th or 19th dynasty is perhaps one of the earliest examples of  this captivating story genre. This charming tale has many of the features you would expect of a fairytale and the themes it introduces are echoed in more familiar modern stories, for example;

  • Protection from a predicted fate- Sleeping Beauty
  • Princess locked in a tower-Rapunzel
  • Hidden royal identity- the Prince and the Pauper, Princess and the Pea.
Over a series of 8 lectures  we will be read this late Egyptian Ramesside-period literary text The Tale of the Doomed Prince. We will follow the eponymous prince as he travels from the deserts of Egypt to the land of Mitanni, where he woos a princess locked in a tower, in an effort to escape the fate decreed for him by the Seven Hathors…. But beware of snakes, dogs and crocodiles!                                                                                                                          A great way to develop your Late Egyptian reading skills.  As we go along, we will discuss elements of Late Egyptian grammar and vocabulary as well as considering  the cultural meanings of the text.
The original manuscript was written in the hieratic script, but students will receive a hieroglyphic transcription to work with.  Students will be supported throughout by course lecturer Maiken Mosleth King who will provide Late Egyptian grammar resources and homework between sessions so that you can practice your translation skills. 
 You can join classes live via zoom or use the recorded  lectures to watch at a time convenient  to you. The recordings can also be re-watched to aid revision.  Students can (if they choose) join our friendly community of friendly  hieroglyph students via our private facebook group.  

*Please note that the second session on the 18th June will start slightly later, the live lecture will start at 7.45 to enable students who are also ESB members to attend the ESB meeting

Maiken Moleth King

Maiken Mosleth King  is a lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Bristol, where she is also finalising her PhD thesis on funerary stelae and identity in Roman Egypt. She has previously completed a BA and MA in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool. She has published academic articles in Gottinger Miszellen and the Journal of History and Cultures, as well as contributing to the catalogue of the exhibition ‘Emotions in Antiquity and Ancient Egypt’ at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo, Norway. Her linguistic skills are broad and include Coptic, Classical Greek, Latin, Biblical Hebrew, Phoenician, classical Arabic and hieroglyphs, which she has taught for a number of years.

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