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The contendings of Horus & Seth: An Introduction to Late Egyptian

Maiken Mosleth King

8 weeks: 27th Feb, 5th, 12th and 19th March (2 week break) continuing on the 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th April

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The Contendings of Horus & Seth: An Introdution to Late Egyptian

 8 weeks: 27th Feb, 5th*, 12th and 19th March (2 week break) continuing on the 9th*, 16th, 23rd & 30th April

Times: 7.30-9pm (UK Times) Tuesday evenings to join live.

We love to see you for the live lectures, but if you have to miss one, don't worry, you can of course catch up (or watch again) at your leisure via the recordings. You will have access to the recorded lectures for a whole month after the last live lecture. Recordings will be available until 30th May.

Do you have a basic knowledge of Egyptian hieroglyphs and Middle Egyptian grammar? Would you like to be able to read texts from the Ramesside period too? …This might just be the challenge you are after!

 During this 8-week course we will delve into Late Egyptian, the language of the Ramesside period. There will be many familiar elements, for example, the vocabulary from Middle Egyptian is transferable due to a great overlap, but, in addition there are some new grammatical rules for word order and verb forms that we will explore. Having a knowledge of Late Egyptian grammar is a valuable gateway to  a wide variety of Late Egyptian texts. These include a range of fascinating stories, such as The Tale of Two Brothers, The Doomed Prince, Truth and Falsehood, and The Contendings of Horus and Seth.

This course will address the fundamental grammar developments of this period whilst we read short excerpts from the mythical text The Contendings of Horus and Seth. This interesting and important story portrays the conflict between the two mighty gods in a humorous way as it recounts the numerous tricks and battles they had arguing over the throne of Egypt. For our study purposes the text has been transcribed from hieratic into hieroglyphs. Amongst the strange arguments between these two gods we will read how Seth removed Horus’ eyes, which were restored by Hathor through magic, and how Seth was fooled into building a great ship of stone.

Students will receive access to grammar and vocabulary resources and homework will be provided for self-study between sessions. You can join classess live via zoom or use the recorded  lectures to watch at a time convienient to you. The recordings can also be re-watched to aid revision.  Students can (if they choose) join our friendly community of friendly  hieroglyph students via our private facebook group.  

*Please note that the sessions on the 5th of March and 9th of April will start slightly later. On these evenings the live lecture will start at 7.45 to enable students who are also ESB members to attend the ESB meeting.

Maiken Moleth King

Maiken Mosleth King  is a lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Bristol, where she is also finalising her PhD thesis on funerary stelae and identity in Roman Egypt. She has previously completed a BA and MA in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool. She has published academic articles in Gottinger Miszellen and the Journal of History and Cultures, as well as contributing to the catalogue of the exhibition ‘Emotions in Antiquity and Ancient Egypt’ at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo, Norway. Her linguistic skills are broad and include Coptic, Classical Greek, Latin, Biblical Hebrew, Phoenician, classical Arabic and hieroglyphs, which she has taught for a number of years.

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