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NA-Temple Rituals


12th and 19th February
With Associate Professor Penny Wilson

Temple Rituals

Sunday 12th and 19th February 2023

2-5pm (UK time) or watch again via recordings at a time to suit you.

Egyptian Temple walls were covered with extensive collections of texts, mostly written in hieroglyphs, that preserved in stone for eternity the books kept in the temple libraries. The texts relate to the ritual and religious functioning of the temples in order to assure the gods of the temple and Egypt that the King carried out his duties. In return the gods ensured the harmony of the cosmos. Every single temple inscription fitted into the overall purpose of the temple and each one contains mythical allusions, religious puns, and the academic achievements of the priesthood. They carefully curated the hieroglyphic text collections, editing, compressing and enhancing the material over the millennia. This course will provide a guide to ‘reading’ the temple, treating it as book, in order to access the knowledge base of Egypt and the ways that Egyptian communicated with their gods. Taking the texts and rituals room by room, wall by wall, scene by scene, and ‘glyph by ‘glyph we will explore the richness of the temples and the deep, sacred knowledge contained within them. 

All lectures will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings for a month after the last lecture. 

Associate Professor Penny Wilson

Penny is Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology in the Dept. Archaeology at Durham University where she has worked for the last 20 years and before then she was Assistant Keeper in the Dept. Antiquities, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. She studied at Liverpool University, where she completed her PhD, now published as ‘A Ptolemaic Lexikon’. She is currently Director of the Delta Survey Project for the Egypt Exploration Society and field director of the Royal City of Sais Project. Her interests include religious life in Ancient Egypt, settlement archaeology and the Late period to Late Antique Nile Delta. Her publications include field reports on the Sais excavations, and Delta survey work as well as ‘Sacred Signs’ an introduction to the role of hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt. 

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