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Summer Party! Animals in Ancient Egyptian Art


Lucia Gahlin
Sunday 16th July

Summer Party Lectures: Animals in Ancient Egyptian Art with Lucia Gahlin

An afternoon with two fabulous lectures and a little bit of silliness in between!
Sunday 16th July 2-5pm

Please note: This is a live event only. lectures will NOT be recorded.

Ancient Egyptian artists were extremely skilled at depicting the immense variety of creatures that inhabited the environment around them and  featured so significantly in their daily lives. Some of these animals were feared, some were worked hard, others were loved as pets, still others were used as a means by which to visualise the divine. The ancient Egyptians observed the behaviour and characteristics of the animals with which they shared their world, and translated these observations into vivid and accurate imagery, including that of the gods and goddesses. This double-lecture explores representations of ancient Egyptian animals, from the mundane to the sublime: animal husbandry, hunting, fishing, pets, and sacred animals.

Join us for an afternoon with two fabulous lectures and a little bit of silliness in between. Please bring along your favourite tipple and make yourself comfortable as you enjoy the lectures.


If you wanted to you are very welcome to wear an Egyptian-animal themed party hat, anything from a cobra on the forehead to full Hathor horns with sundisk is welcome!!  We will put the names of everyone who has made a party hat into a raffle and someone will win a free Kemet course 🙂

Luica Gahlin

Lucia Gahlin is an Egyptologist based in the UK. She is an Honorary Research Associate at UCL’s Institute of Archaeology, lectures widely, and gives guided tours of museums with Egyptian collections. 

She has worked at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London, and continues to teach in this museum.  She has worked as the Small Finds Registrar at the archaeological site of Amarna in Egypt, and has lead tours to Egypt for over 20 years. Her publications include Egypt: gods, myths and religion.

Booking instructions

To book your place on this course you must add this product to your basket and go through the checkout process as usual but you will not have to pay anything as this is our way of saying a thank you to our Kemet friends and welcoming new friends. Once booked you will receive an email with the link you will need to join the lectures live. We are NOT recording the party lectures, as this is a live event only. 

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