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NA-Kings, Queens, Officials and Farmers. Burials and tombs of the Middle Kingdom


Dr Wolfram Grajetzki
3 and 10 July 2022

Kings, Queens, Officials and Farmers. Burials and tombs of the Middle Kingdom

Dates: 3 & 10 July

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From Middle Kingdom tombs are found some of the most spectacular archaeological artefacts ever made in Egypt.  These include several intact burials of king’s daughters as well as the famous wooden models from the tomb of Meketre. The four lectures will provide an in-depth review of selected burials, tombs and outstanding objects. These include the almost intact burial of king Awibre Hor, mastabas at Dahshur and Lisht and the burials of provincial administrators with their richly decorated coffins. Several coffins will be presented and the religious meanings of the decoration will be explained. Burials of less wealthy people will also be presented and it can be shown that they followed different burial traditions. Finally, burials of the late Middle Kingdom will be discussed as around the year 1800 BCE a great break in burial customs occurred indicating new religious beliefs.

Dr Wolfram Grajetzki

Dr Wolfram Grajetzki is a Honorary Senior Research Fellow at University College London. He studied Egyptology, Prehistory and Classical archaeology in Berlin with his PhD on the highest state officials in the Middle Kingdom (1998). He worked on several projects, including excavations in Egypt and Pakistan and was teaching Egyptology in Berlin, London and Pisa, He has published several scholarly and popular articles and books on burial customs and the Middle Kingdom.

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