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Gift Card for Nile Deities


This is a Gift Card for the Archive Course by Lucia Gahlin, Nile Deities. This is a set of seven lectures with extensive handouts.   Fill in the details below of the lucky person you are gifting this course to.  Do this by entering in the email address of the recipient in the ‘To’ box. You may also wish to add your own email address into the ‘CC’ box so that you receive a copy.  They will receive an email with a notification of your gift and instruction how to redeem it.


What happens now

Your friend will receive an email notifying them of your gift. In the email is the card naming the course and a code for them to use. All they need to do is go to the course page, add it to their basket and then at the check out they will see space for entering the Gift Card code.  As easy as saying ‘A thousand of bread and a thousand of beer’! 

 A gift card can only be used once and is valid for 120 days.  

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