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Nile Deities of Upper Egypt and their Temples at Esna, Kom Ombo and Elephantine with Lucia Gahlin

From the archive,
Every now and then (with the lecturer's permission) we are able to give you the chance to enjoy a course you might have missed the first time around.

A set of seven pre-recorded 90 minute Lectures.

Lectures are accessible from now until the 16th January 2024


These lectures were recorded between April-May 2020 when Lucia presented this course as our first Monday evening Zoom course. 


 Life in Ancient Egypt revolved around the river Nile, so it is hardly surprising that a number of the gods and goddesses of the ancient Egyptian pantheon were associated with aspects of riverine life and the Nile’s annual inundation. During this course we will explore deities including Sobek, Hapi, Khnum, Satet and Anuket, and the rituals and mythology associated with them. We will take a guided tour of the temples of Esna, Kom Ombo and Elephantine, exploring their architecture, and extensive reliefs and inscriptions carved on their walls. Lucia will discuss these intricate scenes and texts, and reveal them to be a window into ancient Egyptian belief and thought.

Take this trip up the Nile
and meet the gods and goddesses… 


  • Lecture 1
    The Creator God Khnum and the Gods and Goddesses of Esna.
  • Lecture 2
    The Temple of Esna in the Ancient City of the Nile Perch.
  • Lecture 3
    The Crocodile God Sobek and Horus the Elder of Kom Ombo.
  • Lecture 4
    Kom Ombo: an unusual double temple.
  • Lecture 5
    More Gods and Goddesses of Upper Egypt: Hapi, Satet, Anuket and Heket.
  • Lecture 6
    The Temples of Elephantine, Town of Ivory
  • Lecture 7
    Graffiti, Shrines, and Stelae: difficult journeys and Nile floods.

PLUS – a copious amount of handouts that you can download.

Lectures will be available to view until 16 January 2024. You will find all the recordings and the accompanying materials, reading lists and articles in the virtual classroom which will be available to you as soon as you register. 

Lucia Gahlin

Lucia Gahlin is an Egyptologist based in the UK. She is an Honorary Research Associate at UCL’s Institute of Archaeology, lectures widely, and gives guided tours of museums with Egyptian collections. 

She has worked at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London, and continues to teach in this museum. For many years she was chair for the Friends of the Petrie Museum. She has worked as the Small Finds Registrar at the archaeological site of Amarna in Egypt, and has lead tours to Egypt for over 20 years. Her publications include Egypt: gods, myths and religion.


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All the recorded lectures and any supporting materials will be in the virtual classroom for you to access until 16th January 2014. Unfortunately we are not able to extend access after this date, so please ensure you have watched (and re-watched if you wish) all the lectures by then.  If you  have any queries please get in touch

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