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NA-Communicating with the Gods


Dr Campbell Price
16 and 23 October 2022

Communicating with the Gods

Dates: Sunday 16 and 23rd October Room opens at 1.30, First lecture starts at 2. (UK Times)

This short course of 4 lectures will examine the rich range of material evidence for communication between the people of Pharaonic Egypt and their gods and goddesses. Taking different locations at different times as case studies, we will explore how people could pass on their hopes, fears and thanks to divine entities.

Case studies will include the ancestor cult at Deir el-Medina, the cult of colossal statues of Ramesses II, personifications of the sacred landscape, and the role of sacred animals over time.

We explore some of the particular challenges of interpretating this sort of material. 

Dr Campbell Price

Dr Campbell Price has been Curator of Egypt and Sudan at the Manchester Museum, one of the UK’s largest Egyptology collections, since 2011. He completed his BA, MA, and PhD in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool, where he is now an Honorary Research Fellow.  Campbell is currently Chair of Trustees at the Egypt Exploration Society, and has published widely on Pharaonic material culture. 

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