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NA-Beginners Hieroglyphs: Of Kings and Gods


Maiken Mosleth King
8 weeks.  10th January – 28th February 2023

Beginners Hieroglyphs:Of Kings and Gods

Dates: 10th January - 28th February 2023

Live lectures Tuesday evenings 7.30-9pm UK times*. Recordings available for catch up or to watch at a time to suit you.


This is a beginner’s course with a bit of a difference! Over 8 weeks students will see how hieroglyphs work as they develop familiarity with various signs. The emphasis of the course will be on helping you recognise and read royal names as well as some of the titles and epithets that are associated with cartouches. Many of the Kings had names that incorporated divinities, and so it is hoped that by the end of the course you will be able to recognise the names of some familiar gods as well as having an understanding for the names of pharaohs, and what their names mean. We will also look at dates and how the paharaoh recorded their regnal years. As cartouches frequently appear on numerous monuments, temples and statuary,  you will become adept at the art of cartouche spotting as you build your confidence with hieroglyphs! 

  The course is suitable for students who are new to hieroglyphs or those wanting to refresh their knowledge.

Lectures are supported with a range of materials such as Maiken’s Grammar Notebook , links to online resources and a private facebook group.  Opportunities to practice between sessions with homework exercises are a useful way to consolidate learning. The live sessions are interactive and students can ask Maiken questions that arise as we go along. If you find it easier to watch via the recorded sessions, questions can be sent in to be answered the following week.  Recorded sessions give you the opportunity to catch up on any missed lessons or watch at a time to suit you. 

*Room opens 7pm, lecture starts at 7.30, however please note, the first session (10th January) and the session on week 7 (21st February) will start 15 minutes later than usual so that students who wish to attend the lecture with the Egypt Society of Bristol (our sister group) have time to do so.  

Course Outline

Week 1
  • The ‘alphabet’ signs
  • Introduction to biliteral signs
  • Introduction to triliteral signs
Week 2
  • Overview of the function of determinatives
  • Overview of divine names
  • Common deities and the etymology of their names
Week 3
  • Egyptian terms for kingship
  • Overview of the royal titulary
  • Case study: The titulary of Tutankhamun
Week 4
  • Egyptian terms for royal women
  • Case study: The titulary of Hatshepsut
Week 5
  • Introduction to calendar terms: Regnal years and annual seasons
  • Case study: The titulary of Thutmose III
Week 6
  • Introduction and overview of grammatical terms
  • Case study: The titulary of Akhenaten
Week 7
  • Overview of nouns and adjectives
  • Case study: The titulary of Amenhotep III
Week 8
  • Overview of verb paradigms
  • Case study: The titulary of Ramesses II

Maiken Mosleth King

Maiken Mosleth King is a lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Bristol, where she is also finalising her PhD thesis on funerary stelae and identity in Roman Egypt. She has previously completed a BA and MA in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool. She has published academic articles in Gottinger Miszellen and the Journal of History and Cultures, as well as contributing to the catalogue of the exhibition ‘Emotions in Antiquity and Ancient Egypt’ at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo, Norway. Her linguistic skills are broad and include Coptic, Classical Greek, Latin, Biblical Hebrew, Phoenician, classical Arabic and hieroglyphs, which she has taught for a number of years.

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