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NA-Archaeology in Egyptology


Professor Paul T. Nicholson
15 May & 22 May 2022

Archaeology in Egyptology: COURSE STARTED! You can still enrol, but please note some classes will be recordings only!

Dates: 15 May & 22 May 2022

Times: 2-5pm (UK Times) Also avaliable to watch again via recordings at a time to suit you.

Archaeology vs. treasure hunting. We will look at the early travellers and collectors and why simply ‘digging things up’ doesn’t really work if we are trying to understand what ancient societies were like.  We will look at some of the early travellers/explorers of ancient Egypt and the methods they used and why they would not be recommended today as well as some overlaps between Egyptian archaeology and that elsewhere – for example the work of General Pitt-Rivers. The birth of Egyptology. Our second session will look at some of the first serious, ‘scientific’, collecting and attempts at recording.

These begin surprisingly early with the Napoleonic and Prussian expeditions to Egypt and with the pioneering work of Sir John Gardner Wilkinson whose work remains in print to this day.  A contrast will be made between the treasure hunters of Session 1 and the careful work described here – though in some cases the boundaries are less clear than one might expect. Temples and Tombs. At the start of our second afternoon we will look at why so much attention has been focussed on tombs and temples and the way in which the archaeology of these sites has developed. This includes some discussion of  architectural and epigraphic recording of temples, epigraphy in tombs, the recording done by Carter in the Tomb of Tutankhamun and the kind of work done by Nigel and Helen Strudwick in Thebes. Settlement Archaeology. For our final session we examine why settlement archaeology has been so neglected until relatively recently.  How is a modern settlement excavation carried out?  We will draw particularly on work at Amarna from Petrie, through Borchardt to Barry Kemp and in so doing provide an interesting contrast to the archaeology of temples and tombs.

Professor Paul T. Nicholson

Paul T. Nicholson is  Professor of Archaeology at Cardiff University where he specialises in Egyptian archaeology and early technology.  He has excavated in Egypt since 1983, first as a member of the Amarna expedition where he subsequently directed his own work culminating in Brilliant Things for Akhenaten (2007) and at Memphis and Saqqara as well as being involved in work at a variety of other sites in Egypt including the South Assasif, Berenike and Hatnub. The work he directed at Memphis is published as Working in Memphis (2013). He has also edited (with Professor Ian Shaw) and part written Ancient Egyptian Materials and Industries (2000).  The British Museum Dictionary of Ancient Egypt was also co-written with Professor Shaw (1995/2008).  His recent work at Saqqara The Catacombs of Anubis at North Saqqara: an archaeological perspective has just been published (2021) by Peeters/British Museum.

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