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NA-Ancient Egyptian Palace Paintings


9 May – 27 June 2022 with lecturer Lucia Gahlin

***COURSE STARTED! You can still enrol, but some classes will be recordings only! Recordings available until 27th July.

8 week course: 9 May - 27 June 2022

Monday evenings: 7.30-9.00pm (UK times) Also avaliable to watch again via recordings at a time to suit you.

Excavation of the palaces of the 14th Century BC Pharaohs Amenhotep III and Akhenaten at Malkata and Amarna continue to reveal extensive painted decoration.

In this course we will explore the archaeology that has exposed such wonderful examples of ancient Egyptian art; the range of buildings which were decorated in this way; the paintings themselves, including the pigments, painting techniques, style and subject matter; and the modern housing and conservation of these fragments of fragile painted plaster.

We will focus on the sites of Malkata and Amarna, but we will also explore ancient examples of painted decoration in palaces and non-royal housing elsewhere in Egypt, notably Tell el-Daba. To appreciate fully ancient Egyptian royal and élite interior decoration, we will also survey the painted pottery, glass and faience that complemented the wonderful palace paintings.

Lucia Gahlin

Lucia Gahlin is an Egyptologist based in the UK. She is an Honorary Research Associate at UCL’s Institute of Archaeology, lectures widely, and gives guided tours of museums with Egyptian collections. She has worked at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London, and continues to teach in this museum. She chairs the Friends of the Petrie Museum.She has worked as the Small Finds Registrar at the archaeological site of Amarna in Egypt, and has lead tours to Egypt for over 20 years. Her publications include Egypt: gods, myths and religion.

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