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NA-Ancient Egyptian Divination


Dr Luigi Prada
13 and 20 November 2022

Ancient Egyptian Divination

Dates: 13th and 20th November. Times: 2-5pm (UK Times) Online

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This short course will offer an introduction to the subject of divination in ancient Egypt. Already in the time of the Greek historian Herodotus, Egypt was famous amongst neighbouring civilisations as the cradle of divination, having supposedly invented or perfected many of the arts used for foretelling the future. Even the Bible preserves memory of Egypt’s fame in these arcane arts, e.g. in the story of Joseph and Pharaoh’s dreams.

In this course, we will familiarise ourselves with the various branches of divination attested in ancient Egypt: oneiromancy or dream interpretation, astrology, oracles, animal and terrestrial omens, lecanomancy or oil divination, and many more…

The participants will gain access to the most recent academic research on the topic and to a large number of unpublished material, including the handbooks on papyrus that the ancient Egyptian priests compiled to codify their practice of divination.

Provided reading within the course classroom:

        L Prada, “Dreams, Rising Stars, and Falling Geckos: Divination in Ancient Egypt.” Egyptian Archaeology 51 (2017): 4–9.      

         L Prada, “Dream Books, Egyptian (second updated edition).” In: R. Bagnall et al. (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Ancient History, Wiley Online Library: 2019.       

         L Prada, “Classifying Dreams, Classifying the World: Ancient Egyptian Oneiromancy and Demotic Dream Books.” In: H. Abd El Gawad/N. Andrews/M. Correas-Amador/V. Tamorri/J. Taylor (eds.), Current Research in Egyptology 2011: Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Symposium, Oxford/Oakville 2012: Oxbow Books: 167–177.

Dr Luigi Prada

Dr Luigi Prada is Assistant Professor of Egyptology at Uppsala University, Sweden. Formerly, he was a member of the Egyptology departments of Oxford, Heidelberg, and Copenhagen University. Within Egyptology, he specialises in textual, religious, and social studies, with particular focus on the Late and Graeco-Roman Periods. He is passionate about fieldwork, and is Assistant Director of the Oxford / Uppsala epigraphic team working with Egyptian colleagues in Elkab, southern Egypt; he has also participated in fieldwork in Sudan. He is currently President of the Society of Friends and Collaborators of the Museo Egizio in Turin (ACME).


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