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Meet the Kemet Klub team....

I find the Kemet Club a great source of information on Egyptology and well managed by Ali, Bernadette and Josie.

Ali Ball

I have been studying Egyptology since 1999. I was a ‘Walking Wikki’ at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery for a year and I am a committee member with the Egypt Society of Bristol.

In 2023 I completed an MA in Egyptology with the University of Manchester.  I take Egyptology workshops into primary schools in the South West of England where I love sharing my passion for this amazing subject with children too!

Josie Newman

I was first introduced to Egyptology at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery when I was five years old, and have been fascinated by it ever since! 

I started studying Egyptology at Bristol University evening classes in 2000, and went on to do a degree in Archaeology also at Bristol University. I am also a committee member of the Egypt Society of Bristol.


Bernadette Brady

Bernadette Brady has a PhD in Anthropology (2012) an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (2005), and a MA in Egyptology from Manchester University (2022). Since 2008 she has been a tutor in the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK. Her research interests are in varying forms of cultural astronomy, primarily Egyptian religious astronomy, sky mythology and the cultural implications of star phases. In 2019 she was the course directory of the BBS Summer School in Luxor on Ancient Egyptian Astronomy. Her publications include the cultural astronomy contained in examples of Egyptian astronomy (Oxbow 2012), the orientation of the Solstical Churches of North Wales (JSA, 2017) and the solar discourse in Cistercian Welsh abbeys (Citeaux, 2016, 2022).  She has also authored Cosmos, Chaosmos and Astrology (London: Sophia Centre Press, 2014) and co-edited Space, Place and Religious Landscapes, Living Mountains London, NY, Oxford Bloomsbury. She lectures widely on Egyptian religious astronomy and she currently lives in Devon UK.

A great opportunity to attend online lectures and to meet, if only virtually, like-minded people. The catch-up videos for the language courses are a terrific resource if you are not in the UK time zone, or miss a lecture.


Kemet Klub provide a range of fascinating courses that have kept me entertained and educated in a friendly and welcoming environment. I am in awe of Ali, Josie and Bernadette and can't thank them enough for all their hard work on behalf of us Egyptophiles.


I guess most clubs meet monthly but Kemet Klub is the exception and thank goodness for that. I have learned so much and look forward to the courses immensely. Big thanks to all of the organisers, long may it continue.


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