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This page features links to recommended organisations and resources. 

Egypt Society of Bristol

The Egypt Society of Bristol is like our sister group. We both are based in Bristol, and you will spot many of the same faces at both! The ESB offers an interesting and varied programme of stand alone lectures, where as we offer a range of courses to explore a topic in more depth over several weeks. In the past we have run joint trips to places of Egyptological interest such as Manchester Museum and the Ashmolean and Griffith Institute.

Egyptology in Schools

When Ali isn’t busy with all things Kemet Klub she shares her passion for ancient Egypt with children across the South West. Egyptology in Schools uses stories, games, real and replica objects and a range of fun activities to provide  engaging  Egyptology workshops for Key Stage 2 children. Visiting primary schools  in Somerset, North Somerset, Bristol, Gloucester, South Gloucester, Wilts and  Bath and North East Somerset.

Egyptology in schools

Kemet Klub provide a range of fascinating courses that have kept me entertained and educated in a friendly and welcoming environment. I am in awe of Ali, Josie and Bernadette and can't thank them enough for all their hard work on behalf of us Egyptophiles.


A great opportunity to attend online lectures and to meet, if only virtually, like-minded people. The catch-up videos for the language courses are a terrific resource if you are not in the UK time zone, or miss a lecture.


I guess most clubs meet monthly but Kemet Klub is the exception and thank goodness for that. I have learned so much and look forward to the courses immensely. Big thanks to all of the organisers, long may it continue.


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