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To further our mission to advance the study and practice of Egyptology, the Kemet Klub offers grants of up to £500 for students currently enrolled in a BA, BSc, or a post-graduate degree in any country. These grants are specifically to aid students in their scholarly research, to develop professional practice, and to further the teaching and learning of Egyptology at all education levels.

Grants will be awarded twice a year in summer and winter.




– Organisation of symposia, conferences and workshops.
– Travel to libraries, archives, collections or excavations.
– Delivery of research findings at conferences.
– Catalogues and public engagement programmes for exhibitions.
– Access to images controlled by third party rights holders.

Grants to develop professional practice within Egyptology include:

– Participation in museum and gallery training programmes in curatorial and public engagement areas.



Within our grants categories, we look particularly favourably on:

– Projects that expand the reach of Egyptology to wide and diverse audiences.
– Projects that encourage new perspectives with Egyptology.



– The awards are up to £500. The number of awards and amount offered are at the discretion of the Kemet Klub.

– Grants applicants must be currently enrolled on a recognised undergraduate or postgraduate University course on Egyptology, (or on a closely related degree with an Egyptology element, such as Museum Studies).  

– The grant period for supported activity is one year from the date of notification of the award.



We expect that the outcomes of projects we fund will include:

-Expanding the knowledge base of Egyptology.
-Enabling more researchers and professionals in the field, particularly those who do not have other means of support, to access essential career development opportunities.
-Helping Egyptologists to build and extend their networks to facilitate their work and professional development.
-Introducing wide audiences to Egyptology through exhibitions, publications and other public programming.


Grants from the Kemet Klub cannot fund further or higher education, university fees, course books, student living expenses or unpaid internships.

Team members of the Kemet Klub and their relatives and partners are not eligible for our grants.


Research grants will be assessed according to their contribution to scholarship in Egyptology, their academic rigour, and the relevance and need for the research in the specific area described.

Practice grants should demonstrate how the skills and experience obtained will contribute to professional development and, ultimately, to the public understanding of Egyptology.

For all grants, the demonstrable financial need of the applicant as well as the availability of other grants to support the project or activity applied for will be considered.


– All grant recipients will be required to present a written report in English (approx. 500 words) to the Kemet Klub upon completion of the grant funded stage of their research. This report will be uploaded under you name and research on our archive of successful grant recipients on our web site.  You may also be offered the opportunity of a 30 minute online lecture on your research to the Kemet Klub audience.

– Any presentation of the funded research needs to include a reference to the Kemet Klub Grant. 


Please complete the  application form available which you can download from this page (see Form and Date section below) and return to  The subject of your email needs to be ‘Grant Application’.  

Applicants will be notified of the results of their applications within two months after the date of application deadline.

The decision of the Kemet Klub Grants team is final and we are not able to provide feedback on our decision process to unsuccessful applicants. 

Grant Forms and Dates

Grant General information document (PDF).

Grant Application Form (Word Doc)

Our Grant Terms and Conditions 

Closing Dates for 2024 &2025  Grant Applications 

1st September 2024 for notification by the 1st December 2024.

1st March 2025 for notification by the 1st May 2025. 

1st September 2025 for notification by the 1st December 2025.

Grants applications need to be sent to with the subject heading of  ‘Grant application’. Do not include any other documents with your application. If you have any questions please address those also to the same email address but with the subject heading of Grant Question. 

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