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Grant Terms and Conditions

You can download a PDF of our  Grant Terms and Condition HERE

In order to receive a grant recipients will be asked to acknowledge formally the grant and accept our terms and conditions. We will distribute funds after we receive your acceptance.

Grant-supported activity should take place within one year of receiving the award.



1) GRANT REPORTS: At the end of the grant period of 12 months, we require a final report comprising a narrative summary of the project and a financial statement. Your summary and any supporting images will be used on our website. The text, of up to 500 words will include a description of the project. The financial statement will include an accounting of income and expenditure for the project. Any significant discrepancies or alterations from the budget proposed in the application must be explained.

If the project does not proceed, or if grant funds are unspent during the grant period of 12 months, the Kemet Klub will ask for such funds to be returned.


2) LOGO & COMMUNICATIONS: We will require recipients to acknowledge our support by using our logo and credit line. Such acknowledgement should appear in relevant digital formats, as well as any printed material, presentations, promotions, and invitations.


3) The Kemet Klub reserves the right to change the aims, priorities, processes and governance of this grants programme at its discretion.

4) The Kemet Klub considers and determines the distribution of grants in strict accordance with our purposes and objectives.

5) Before making an award, the Kemet Klub will be satisfied that the following information has been received from the applicant and is beyond doubt:

The identity of the beneficiary as a current student of their designated institution; 

That funds will be applied in general furtherance of the Kemet Klub’s aims and purposes;

That funds will not knowingly be used for any illegal purposes.

6)  Based on our stipulated priorities, each application will be considered on its own merits.

7) The Kemet Klub reserves the right to deny any request for funding.

8) The Kemet Klub is not obliged to provide an explanation to applicants in the event that an application is unsuccessful. and the decision of the Kemet Klub on whether to award a grant is final.

9) The Kemet Klub may decide to award a smaller amount than that applied for.

10) When the Kemet Klub is not the only funder of a project, and to protect its reputation, the Kemet Klub may choose to refuse an award at any time or to delay it until it is satisfied that other involved partner organisations comply with the law, good practice, and the Kemet Klub’s values.

11) The award will be paid out upon the grant recipient’s acceptance and receipt by the Kemet Klub of a signed confirmation of abidance by our grant-making processes, terms and conditions.

12) With the agreement of the Kemet Klub and the beneficiary, grant payments will be made by electronic banking transfers or in the case of non-UK recipients, via a PayPal account. The Kemet Klub’s normal payment authorisation processes and financial procedures will be applied to all payments.

13) Funds awarded by the Kemet Klub may be used only for the purposed specified in the grant application.

14) Any alterations in the project must be reported to the Kemet Klub which reserves the right to withhold funds, ask for their return or to allow, in writing, the alternate use of the funds anticipated.

15) If a project has not been delivered within one year of receiving the award, the Kemet Klub reserve the right to withdraw our funding.

16) We reserve the right to invoice grant recipients for any money awarded that is unspent or that we deem to have been inappropriately spent. In situations where the project described in the application does not proceed or where a grant or part thereof remains unused, the Kemet Klub will ask for unused funds to be returned.

17) Where formal written applications have been received or other records maintained, these will be stored and subsequently disposed of in accordance with the prevailing data protection legislation.

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