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Nile Deities of Upper Egypt
and their Temples at Esna, Kom Ombo and Elephantine

presented by Lucia Gahlin

These lectures were recording in April and May 2020

Handouts for the entire course 

All the handouts for the course are located after Lecture 7, at the bottom of this page. 




Lecture 1

The Creator God Khnum and the Gods and Goddesses of



Lecture 2

The Temple of Esna in the Ancient City of the Nile Perch



Lecture 3

The Crocodile God Sobek and Horus the Elder of Kom Ombo



Lecture 4

Kom Ombo: an unusual double temple



Lecture 5

More Gods and Goddesses of Upper Egypt: Hapi, Satet,
Anuket and Heket



Lecture 6

The Temples of Elephantine, Town of Ivory



Lecture 7

Graffiti, Shrines, and Stelae: difficult journeys and Nile floods

Course Content

Handouts for Nile Deities
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