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Welcome to the Beginners Hieroglyphs: of Kings and Gods with Maiken Mosleth King.

Introduction to this Self-Study Course

Video 1 – START HERE An overview of this self-study course and how to work with the materials.

Video 2 – Books to help you with Middle Egyptian hieroglyphs when you think you need them.

Video 3 – The Resources available for the course. All of these PDFs can be downloaded.

FACEBOOK – To join the Kemet Klub Facebook Hieroglyph group,  a private group where you can ask questions,
email Ali on:

Gaining your Certificate of Completion

Your certificate is automatically generated for you as a PDF to download when you have marked all 8 weeks as completed. You will also need to  ensure that you have marked the Resources folder as completed.

When all steps are marked completed you will see a box at the top of the classroom telling you your certificate is ready to download.  

The Course Lectures and Exercises

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