Kemet Klub

Charities we support

Each year we nominate an Egyptological excavation or organisation to support as our charity. Below are just a few of our  charities from recent years. Please visit them and find out about their fantastic work. Our 2023 charity, as voted for by Kemet Klubbers is Gebel el Silsila. We had some fantastic lectures last year from  Maria Nilsson and John Ward all about the site of Silsila, so it will be great to be able to support their ongoing work here. 

Amarna Trust

The Amarna Trust promotes research at the ancient city of Tell el-Amarna, Egypt, as well as its conservation and protection.

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

Bristol Museum reveals the last billion years of Earth’s history. Explore the region’s natural wonders and discover more about people’s lives, past and present.

Friends of the Petrie Museum

This organisation encourages greater knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of ancient Egyptian culture, as raising funds to contribute to the conservation, safe-keeping and display of its collections.

Egypt Centre Swansea

The Egypt Centre is a museum of Egyptian Antiquities located within Swansea University’s Singleton Campus.

Chicago House

The mission of the Survey since its founding in 1924 has been to produce photographs and precise line drawings of the inscriptions and relief scenes on major temples and tombs at Luxor for publication.

The Egypt Exploration Society

The EES supports and promotes Egyptian cultural heritage through their research, courses and digital resources.

Kemet Klub provide a range of fascinating courses that have kept me entertained and educated in a friendly and welcoming environment. I am in awe of Ali, Josie and Bernadette and can't thank them enough for all their hard work on behalf of us Egyptophiles.


A great opportunity to attend online lectures and to meet, if only virtually, like-minded people. The catch-up videos for the language courses are a terrific resource if you are not in the UK time zone, or miss a lecture.


I guess most clubs meet monthly but Kemet Klub is the exception and thank goodness for that. I have learned so much and look forward to the courses immensely. Big thanks to all of the organisers, long may it continue.


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