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Our April 2024 Egyptian Course   

Lecturer: Dr Bernadette Brady 


  • 25 March – 1 April, Abydos and Luxor.
  • Lecture program by Dr Bernadette Brady.
  • Tour highlights include, special permissions for the Osireion at Abydos and the tomb of Senenmut in Luxor. Plenty of time to enjoy the unique Abydos temples and landscape including a Moonlit walk to the Abydos temples. Get a bird’s eye view of the sacred landscape with a sunrise Hot Air Balloon flight over the West Bank of Luxor. Walk in the footsteps of priests and gods at sunset along the avenue of sphinxes to view the lite Luxor temple with a rising full moon.  Walk the route of the priest onto the Roof terrace of Dendera. Finish off the perfect week of tombs, temples and processional ways with a Sunset boat trip on the Nile. 
  • Accommodation – Pavillon Winter Luxor Hotel and the House of Life Hotel in Abydos.
  • Meals – all included (Tuesday to Sunday) except one dinner on Saturday 30 March where you can explore Luxor or not 🙂
  • Travel in Egypt by air-conditioned bus.



Price excluded airfare – which was by your own arrangement. 

Limited Numbers for 24 people. 

The tour was fully subscribed, within 36 hours. We therefore activated a waiting list. These people will be offered early booking for a next course. 


What we covered

Wednesday, March 20 2024  – Pre-Trip Online lecture 7.30-9pm (UK times) 

We will set the scene with a Zoom lecture exclusively for our group of travellers. This is also where we make sure you all have your handouts including the tour booklet complete with maps and site plans.

Dr Bernadette Brady: What is a sacred landscape?

The lecture will be recorded so you can catch up if you are not able to attend live. This Lecture will get us in the mood for our week away and give you a chance to say hello to our fellow travel friends as we start to get (very) excited for our trip to Luxor and journey to Abydos.

Monday, March 25 – Travel Day

Arrive in Luxor. Your tour begins!

Our Tour is operated by Galal Alsenusy and one of his representatives will meet you at Luxor International Airport. (Just look out for our Kemet Klub logo!) They will assist us to our hotel, The Pavillon Winter Luxor.

Tuesday, March 26 – Karnak and Luxor Temple

Start at Karnak temple to see many of the rarely visited parts including the Mut complex, Ptah, Khonsu and Opet Temples. We will have lunch nearby.

A late afternoon lecture with Bernadette – Lecture 2: The Cosmology of Dendera. This will set the scene and prepare us for the Dendera visit on Wednesday. 

We will then take a leisurely sunset walk along the processional way joining Karnak and Luxor temples and flanked by the avenue of Sphinxes  (2.5 km). This is to give us an experience of moving through this sacred landscape. At the Luxor Temple, we will enjoy an evening visit to the  temple under a rising full moon. We end our first day with dinner together at our hotel after the temple.  

Wednesday, March 27 – Dendera and Journey to Abydos

Coach trip to Abydos via Dendera temple where we will have plenty of time to explore the temple from crypt to roof top.  In particular, we will examine the cosmological hypostyle hall ceiling along with the sacred maps of the east and western Osiris Chapels which are full of sky and the wonder of the Osirian mysteries!  After which we once again try to follow in the footsteps of priests as we climb to the roof, which was a crucial part of the temple used to view the sky in sacred times. 

Our journey continues with a packed lunch to eat on the coach before arriving at the House of Life Hotel Abydos. We will get our bearings of this very sacred landscape from a rooftop vantage point before an early evening lecture.  

Lecture 3:  Osiris and the landscape of Abydos. After the lecture we have dinner and then take an atmospheric stroll to view the exterior of the Seti temple in the moonlight – our first footsteps into this sacred landscape. 

Thursday, March 28 Explore Abydos

We will have ample time in the morning to explore the magnificent Temple of Seti. This temple is considered one of the finest examples of a New Kingdom temple, as it is extensive and renowned for its beautiful reliefs and depictions of temple rituals. Next we have special permission to visit the unique site of the Osireion. This is a rare chance to visit this most holy of sites.  We will return to our nearby hotel for lunch before heading back to the site to see the Temple of Rameses II.  

Our early evening lecture before our dinner will be, Lecture 4: What makes the landscape of Abydos sacred?  

By Roland Unger, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Photo:Photo: Creative Commons


Photo: Roland Unger, Wiki Commons

Friday, March 29 Abydos then return to Luxor

We explore a different part of Abydos today with a trip to Shunet el Zebib. Built in 2700 BCE by the last ruler of the 2nd Dynasty Khasekhemwy, this is an impressive monumental mud-brick monument. consider to be a proto-pyramid.  We will also visit the early dynastic Kom el Sultan, site of the first known temple to Osiris. This is considered one of the first settlements of Abydos, and a beaten path still leads from Kom El Sultan to Umm El Qa’ab which reveals the way the pilgrims took in the past. Here we will stand at the beginning of the processional way of Abydos.

Lunch back at the House of Life before we head back to Luxor where we check in once more to the Pavillon Winter Hotel.

That evening we have Lecture 5: The Landscape of Thebes, a palimpsest of the cosmological components of theology, festivals, processions and tombs. Followed by dinner. Don’t stay up too late tonight as we have a very early start tomorrow…..


Photo: isawnyu 

Photo: Olaf Tausch Wiki Commons 

Saturday, March 30 Hot Air Balloon and West Bank Day I 

Rise and shine (literally!) as this morning we have what will be for many of us, the once-in-a-lifetime treat of, a hot air balloon ride over the west bank of Luxor. This gives us a chance to see archaeology from the air and to appreciate the relationship of the numerous ancient monuments within the sacred landscape.

Our flight will be followed by a wonderful breakfast together at Al Marsam local Restaurant. We will spend the morning visiting the Valley of the Kings where we will be able to visit some of the tombs that are open. (If you want to there will be a chance for you to purchase an extra ticket to add in the tombs of Seti I or Tutankhamen). The benefit of such an early start means that we will also have time to visit the well-perserved temple of Rameses III, Medinet Habu with it many reliefs and features. We return to Al Marsam Restaurant for some lunch before visiting the home of the workmen who created the tombs we have enjoyed today at  Deir el Medina. We return to our hotel where there will be no lecture tonight (as we all had a very early start and a busy day!)

Lecture 6: The astronomical ceiling of Senenmut – in preparation for viewing this ceiling tomorrow. 

This evening you can make your own plans for dinner, perhaps a stroll into town, a quiet night in with room service or dinner at the hotel? Up to you

Sunday, March 31 – West Bank Day II and The Nile 

We will start our day with a visit to see the fabulous collection of the Luxor Museum before crossing the Nile by water taxi we have special permission to visit the tomb of Senenmut followed by Deir el Bahri. We stop for some lunch at Nur el Qurna local Restaurant before setting off to explore a variety of Theban Tombs including those of  Menna & Nakht, Senefer & Rekhmire  and Ramose, Userhat & Khaemhat. We finish off our sacred landscape tour by connecting with the all-important river Nile for a sunset Nile boat trip.  The perfect place to reflect upon our week of adventures as the sun sets behind the palm trees and golden mountains of the west bank. We will share a special farewell dinner together back at our hotel.

Monday, April 1 Return Home

Galal’s team will make sure we get to the airport in good time for our homeward flights.

Wednesday, April 17 – Post-Trip Catch Up

We thought it would be nice to have a short informal catch-up via Zoom a few weeks after our trip. A chance for us to look through some of everyone’s photos and share stories and memories.


Your Lecturer

Bernadette Brady has a PhD in Anthropology (2012) an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (2005), and a MA in Egyptology from Manchester University (2022). Since 2008 she has been a tutor in the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK. From 2012 she has been the main tutor in Sacred Geography in their MA program. Her research interests are in varying forms of cultural astronomy, primarily Egyptian religious astronomy, sky mythology and Sacred Geography. In 2019 she was the course directory of the BSS Summer School in Luxor on Ancient Egyptian Astronomy. Her publications include the cultural astronomy contained in examples of Egyptian astronomy (Oxbow 2012), the orientation of the Solstical Churches of North Wales (JSA, 2017) and the solar discourse in Cistercian Welsh abbeys (Citeaux, 2016, 2022).  She has also authored Cosmos, Chaosmos and Astrology (London: Sophia Centre Press, 2014) and co-edited Space, Place and Religious Landscapes, Living Mountains London, NY, Oxford Bloomsbury. She lectures widely on Egyptian religious astronomy and she currently lives in Devon UK.


A few photos from the April 2024 course on Sacred Landscapes. All photos taken by different people on  the course. 

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